At Ninjas Studio we are specialised in digital marketing, web design and marketing consultancy. Our goal is that your company makes a difference among the others, creating an impact to the online services users and deliver exactly what customers are looking for. Do you let us help you?

web design


You don’t have a website and have realised that you need one? You have an old website that needs to be updated? You have a website but would like to change a section and do not know which is the best way to do it?



Your website is not giving you the expected results? You need advice to know what can you do to improve your online company’s rendibility?



Your website is doing crazy well and you would like to optimise with other marketing services such as social networks, email marketing or online advertising to become even bigger?


Ninjas Studio helps other business grow and increase their recognition in the marketplace, as well as optimising their marketing actions. Our services are designed to help small and medium companies and can be tailored depending on your business needs.


We assess and provide direction whether your business is starting, opening a new business line or simply growing. We can also implement and develop action plans.

Marketing strategy & planning

Business development

Campaigns management


Social media & communications

Whether you want to launch a campaign or promote regularly your products or services, we manage online and offline communication channels to reach the right audience for your business.

Social media planning & management

Social media advertising

Email marketing

Online and offline communications


We will give your website a strong competitive advantage and increase the visibility in the search results by working on an extensive keyword research, link building and competitor analysis.

SEO – Organic positioning

Google Adwords paid advertisement

Google Shopping paid advertisement

Facebook Ads advertisement


We are experts in creating, designing and crafting a new website for your business, whether you need a corporate portfolio or an ecommerce platform. We also provide support to existing websites.

Webmastering & technical support

Web design

Web development – ecommerce and corporate

Web consulting

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